Is The PSP Still Worth Buying In 2023?


The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is an incredible handheld console with a stellar library of games, but is it still worth owning today? There is no doubt that the PSP is a fantastic portable gaming system, but Sony doesn’t support the console with new releases anymore. So, for those of you asking the question, “Should I buy a PSP in 2023?” – here’s your answer.

Is the PSP still worth buying in 2023? The PSP is absolutely worth purchasing today, but the real question is whether or not it’s right for you. The handheld console has access to hundreds of games (thousands if hacked), and it’s an absolute steal starting at under $50. Still, there are newer portable consoles on the market for gamers looking to get a more contemporary gaming machine.

As we said, the real question is whether or not the PSP is right for you. The portable Sony console remains a fantastic piece of hardware despite launching well over a decade ago. In fact, for many gamers, there are several reasons it’s actually an excellent time to purchase a PSP.

5 Reasons To Consider A PSP Today

PSP Family Of Consoles

Before we discuss the many advantages to owning a PSP today, we would like to make a clarification: When we talk about the “PSP,” we are referring to the family of PSP consoles. The original PSP all the way through the PSP Go are all fantastic consoles, each with their own unique features. But if you’re curious about which model is right for you, make sure to check out our full comparative article – PSP 1000 vs 2000 vs 3000 vs PSP Go: What’s The Difference?

1. The PSP Is An Absolute Beast When Hacked (And It’s Super Easy To Do)

As a quick disclaimer, we don’t condone the use of pirated software, however, there are several other reasons to hack a console. For more information on what a hacked PlayStation Portable can do, check out our full guide: What Can A Hacked PSP Do?

Believe it or not, the PSP isn’t the easiest console to come by these days at retro gaming stores. And while the reason for the console’s relative demand isn’t known for sure, there is some evidence that the PSP’s hackability might have something to do with it – which makes sense considering hacking (also referred to as modding or jailbreaking) a PlayStation Portable fixes a lot of the minor issues with the stock hardware.

Hacked PSP consoles can play PS1 games, game backups from a microSD card, and, on top of that, it is simply an emulation marvel – playing everything up to the Super Nintendo with ease. And the console can handle the Game Boy Advance just as nicely as well. Additionally, hacked PSP users can overclock the console, create save states, take screenshots, read patched copies of games, and that’s still not everything.

2. It Is An Extremely Affordable Gaming Option

Depending on the model, gamers can purchase a used PSP for less than $50. PSP Go consoles will go for considerably more, however. Games are also priced relatively low, making it reasonable to grab a console and a handful of must-have titles for around $100. By itself, the PSP is a stellar deal – but when you pair the low entry price with the hackability of this handheld console, it becomes an absolute steal.

In order to stay up-to-date with the console’s pricing, make sure to check out our continuously updated article – How Much Is The PSP Worth?

3. It’s A Great Way To Experience Some PS1 Classics

The PSP is also a great way to revisit some backups of classic PS1 games. Unlike emulation with the SNES, GBA, or other consoles, original PlayStation titles run right on the PSP hardware (digitally). Not to mention, PS1 games generally run just as well on the PSP as they did on the original hardware. And with all of the different options when it comes to aspect ratio, it’s a much more customizable experience on the handheld system.

Must-Have PS1 Games

4. There Are Very Few Ways To Experience Many PSP Classics Today

While some of the PSP’s must-have games got remasters on home PlayStation consoles, many of the handheld’s best gems are still hidden away on portable Sony hardware. That being said, the PSP’s successor, the PS Vita, is capable of playing all of these titles. However, the method for doing so isn’t incredibly straight forward. The PS Vita is considerably more expensive as well, so there are some drawbacks to the newer hardware when it comes to playing PSP titles.

5. The PSP Is Still Fantastic For Portable Gaming

The PSP has since been replaced by newer hardware in the portable space, but the console still remains a fantastic, handheld gaming companion. Between the wide range of uses that come with a hacked PSP and all of the great games, the PSP has become one of the best deals in retro gaming.

Other Options To Consider

PS Vita 2000 (white)

If you’re still not convinced that the PSP is right for you, there are other great portable options out there. As alluded to earlier, the PS Vita is another great option for Sony fans. Honestly, the biggest knock against the Vita is that it is a bit more expensive than the PSP, but those willing to spend the extra cash may want to take a look at the newer PlayStation handheld as it is absolutely worth a look.

Both the Switch and Switch Lite are fantastic options from Nintendo for those looking for something a little bit more contemporary. The Vita and the PSP handhelds strove more for technical specs while Nintendo leaned more into innovation – but each has a stellar library of titles. Honestly, both approaches have merit, and each console has its own unique sets of pros and cons. Additionally, there are several reasons the 3DS family of consoles is also worth considering as the handheld systems have access to literally thousands of games.

At the end of the day, it’s really all about the types of games you like to play and how you like to play them. That being said, if you are a fan of PlayStation and you are feeling a bit nostalgic for older generations of games, the PSP is still a great option today.

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